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Equestria shall be mine! by Yooyfull

This is absolutely adorable!! It captures Angel's personality perfectly and I could easily imagine him doing this is a future episode. There's only two things i would fix... I would make the outline of Angel a bit darker to make the lines standout more and for his left eye to be up a little higher, and Angel's leg (top part) on his right leg should be a bit smaller and for the top of it to be lowered some for the left one is smaller than the right. It would of also added a nice touch if there was an army of bunnies and other forest animals behind Angel as an army to take over.
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Yooyfull Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the critique!
I tried not to use a reference when making this and when i got to part with the legs I realized I have no freakin clue on how exactly they look, thus they are a bit weird - and I realize that :P
I generally dislike having outlines on my works so i want to keep it at a minimum and rely on shadowing/highlighting to make out the shape, problem with WHITE characters is that the highlighting is barely visible.
I skipped the idea of having "an army" in the background because I wanted it to be as silly as possible, aka: Angel angrily waving around a wooden sword being all serious while others giggle at him and go "aww how cute" ^^
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