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Well over all I say it's really good (better than I could do and I have no idea how to do this) but a few things i noticed was that their noses should of been out a little more, their eyes should of been a bit rounder/ bigger, the rope around the cloud should of been a little tighter, their mouths seemed a bit too small and there was no puddle under rainbow dash after she had all the chocolate rain.. or chocolate milk rain... but over all I really liked it. keep up all the amazing and good work :)
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Yooyfull Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for taking your time to write a critique!
You bring up many valid points that I will consider for the next one. I didn't see that the eyes were lacking in size until you mentioned it and the choco puddle was just.. forgotten ^^
I do think that you were a bit over generous with the rating though since I know how much of a mess this really is at some points and i wouldn't rate it as high :P
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